Formed in 1970 in Brighton by Edmund Harold an international known clairvoyant and trance channel. A large part of his life has been as a practitioner of Natural Healing Therapy; healer, teacher, lecturer, mystic and author of six books (Crystal Healing - Second Sight Vision Tomorrow – Know Yourself Heal Yourself – Hocus Pocus and Master Your Vibration). Edmund now resides in Australia and fulfilling a lifelong dream has established Mystery school in 1998 where he teaches healing and his aim is not just to provide people with information about themselves, their bodies, minds and spirits; he also gives them ways in which they can achieve their own inner balance and harmony.

The secretary of the S.V.A in U.K. is Kathleen Huddlestone who opened her own natural therapy centre in 1981 and has founded one of the first Crystal healing schools in the country.

The S.V.A is a founder member of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (A.C.H.O) and adheres to their guidelines, standards and code conduct. A.C.H.O liases with the British Complimentary Medicine Association (B.M.A) and has drawn up guidelines that have been accepted by the B.C.M.A.

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