Founder: Kathleen Huddlestone

First established in Goole, East Yorkshire in 1981 providing a focus for healing on many levels and became one of the first New Age Centres in the North.

  • Assisted people with a wide variety of problems
  • Clients travel from across the UK
  • Therapists all highly qualified within their fields of expertise.
  • Happy to provide advice on appropriate therapies.
  • Kathleen Huddlestone has been working in natural healing for over 20 years, qualified as an aromatherapist at the Northern Institute of Massage in 1980 and became a registered healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in 1981. * Subsequently serving as chairman and secretary of region 11 for six years.

Kathleen has travelled extensively throughout the UK, giving seminars, workshops and talks on crystal healing, gifts of the spirit, aromatherapy, healing sleep and resonance therapy. She was lectured on Crystal Healing on the Q.E.2, appeared on television and radio and written articles for various national magazines.

Kathleen’s approach to teaching is very practical and down to earth working with great compassion and understanding, constantly reviewing and updating her work, focusing on her interest in working with earth energies and the environment, to help heal Mother Earth,

The originator of the therapy Healing Sleep, a combination of aromatherapy, healing with crystals and deep work on the self, with visualisation techniques accessing the hidden within the individual. To accompany her work Kathleen has recorded two meditation tapes (Morning Sun and Revive Refresh Relax). Kathleen has taught in three hospitals for the Humberside College of Health as well as teaching some of the foremost crystal healers in the U.K.

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