The Course

An in depth course which leads to a professional qualification in crystal healing. The aim of which is to give a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of the physical and metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom encouraging the individual to develop their true potential as a healer.

The course consists of 12 days tuition per year, with practical and theoretical home study, four sets of case studies achieved by the student and research presented in an extended essay. Academic achievement is not a requirement of the course. Assessment is ongoing throughout the course with help and advice always available. Students are required to keep a portfolio, home study is a requirement of the course. On successful completion of the course requirements for year 1, students will receive their crystal healer certificate (licentiate) membership of the Spiritual Venturers Association and be able to practice, once they have insurance. Details obtainable from the SVA.

Contents of Year One

History of crystals, introduction in basic healing techniques, spiritual anatomy and spiritual hygiene, metaphysical properties of crystals. Choosing, cleansing and activating crystals. Elementary layouts, divas and elementals of the mineral kingdom, crystallography, simple layouts with practical sessions, dowsing and pendulum work with crystals, animal and plant healing with crystals. Guided visualisation and meditation techniques using crystals, personal case history notes, setting up a practice, details of insurance indemnity, introduction to crystal oils and gem essences. Anatomy and physiology can be studied through distant learning unless students already have a qualification (details from SVA.).

Contents of Year Two

Second year students will attend 12 days tuition at the end of which they will receive full membership to the SVA. Subjects covered will include: advanced crystal healing techniques and layouts, study of rarer minerals and gemstones. Further study of master crystals. Clearing of houses, people and sites. Treatment of addictions, crystal meridian work, crystal surgery and advanced work with wands. Vibrational medicine and crystal resonance therapy. Introduction to healing sleep techniques and advanced crystal meditations. At the conclusion of year two students will present an essay of not less than 3,000 words on a case history they have chosen and researched.



Membership of the SVA is reserved for students and graduates only and is free whilst receiving training in the first year.

Course dates: Please enquire of individual tutors.

The Spiritual Venturers' Association was formed in 1970 in Brighton by Edmund Harold, an internationally known clairvoyant and trance channel. A large part of his life has been as a practitioner of Natural Healing Therapy; healer, teacher, lecturer, mystic and author of six books (Crystal Healing : Master Your Vibration : Vision Tomorrow : Second Sight : Know Yourself Heal Yourself : and Hocus Pocus). Edmund now resides in Australia and - fulfilling a lifelong dream - has established a Mystery School in 1998 where he teaches healing and seership. His aim is not just to provide people with information about themselves, their bodies, minds and spirits; he also gives them ways in which they can achieve their own inner balance and harmony. The Spiritual knowledge and teaching of the SVA has been carried to many countries including Australia , Austria , Canada , South Africa , New Zealand and the UK . The SVA's purpose is to share available knowledge with those wanting to expand their consciousness by an appreciation of holistic concepts and the development of their own inner awareness. The secretary of the SVA in the UK is Kathleen Huddlestone who opened her own natural therapy centre in 1981 and founded one of the first crystal healing schools in the country.

Spiritual Venturers Association School of Crystal Healing

The school was founded by Kathleen Huddlestone in 1984. Kathleen has worked with crystals for some twenty years. The aim of the school is to train crystal healers to a professional level of competency and responsibility, and to ensure that the high standards set are maintained and kept as the main focus at all levels. The SVA is a founder member of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) which is affiliated with its sister organisation Crystal and Healing Federation (CHF) and formed the British Crystal Healers (BCH). All members follow the same core curriculum and general course structure and hold the same code of conduct.


The course is £550 per year by instalments if preferred. There is an additional £40 fee at the end of each year for scrutiny of the extended essay (year one) and research study project (year two). Membership is free to students whilst receiving their training.

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